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Aliment. NB Fortron NB-90-SLIM 90W 19V 9 DC Tips (PNA0902000)

NB Slim universal notebook adapter ranges 90W and 120W. NB Slim series featured with close to half thinner thickness compared with traditional adapter, although size is smaller than regular, efficiency keeps over 88%, and meets DOE VI standards.Besides, NB Slim includes 9 exchangeable tips, it’s compatible with ACER, ASUS, HP, LENOVO…branded notebooks.FSP NB Slim series also engineering multiple circuit protections of OCP, OVP, SCP and OTP, and get global safety certificated to keep you and your notebook in safe.AC Input:100-240V (Worldwide usage)Compatible with 18~20V input laptopsHigh efficiency > 88%, power standby < 0.1WThickness of 25.4mm is half thinner than regular adapterCompatible with most popular brands of notebooksComplete circuit protections: Over Circuit Protection(OCP), Over Voltage Protection(OVP),Short Circuit Protection(SCP), Over Temperature Protection(OTP)conform to DOE VI, CEC efficiency standardsMultiple safety approval